Cleopatra Slots, also known as Secretsof Cleopatra, is a popular game from PG SLOT that has a beautiful and realistic image. On which device will it be played? was able to enjoy the full flavor Excited to win big prizes every second you ride. Many people should have tried playing Cleopatra slots for some time, but for new members. who still do not know how to play this game What kind of bonus symbols are there to help? Follow to see game reviews. The full secret of Cleopatra can be found in this article.

Cleopatra Big Money Slots PG

Cleopatra PG SLOT or Secret of Cleopatra slot game is an ancient Egyptian themed online slot game with a long history. Many people are probably already familiar with the image of Cleopatra, the elegant figure of an Egyptian noblewoman. Quirky and attractive It is a 3-reel, 4-row online video game with special wild symbols and special scatter symbols, allowing you to win jackpots up to X100,000 times your stake. The average current RTP is 96.74%. that guarantees that it is 100% profitable

payout rate Creopatra game

The Cleopatra game has an interesting payout rate, where every spin starts with 3 reels, 5 or more symbol combinations, excluding scatter symbols. There will be a winning combination. They are arranged from left to right only. On any new reel, if the rightmost reel improves the winning combination, PG SLOT An extra reel will be added on the right side. to increase the bonus multiplier For every winning combination there is a payout. According to the paytable set by the game for each symbol and the Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols. except the Scatter symbol

helper symbol and money making symbols in the game

The Creopatra game has all the help symbols, both Wild and Scatter, while the 2 highest paying symbols consist of Cleopatra and Thepdra, with payout details as follows.

Scatter Symbol – Represents an image of an insect in Egyptian mythology. when appearing on the wheel complete as required If you get 3 symbols on the reels, you will get 10-12 free spins bonus and get multiplier according to the next amount. If you miss it, you will exit the free spins mode. N

Wild Symbol – Represented by a pyramid, the Wild symbol represents all symbols (Except the Scatter symbol) The Wild symbol makes the bonus split easier than ever. Chance to win Mega Win, Super Win, and SuperMega Win

Cleopatra – This is the symbol that offers the highest betting odds in the Cleopatra Secret Slot. It will give a betting rate of 30 – 80 times.

Goddess – is a symbol that offers the second highest betting odds in slots. It will give a betting rate of 20 – 70 times.

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