Anyone can tick five stars on a rating service and say “A +”. A comprehensive review is far more than that, especially when it comes to online casinos. Readers want to know about various aspects; deposit methods, bonuses, loyalty schemes, game availability, customer support and more. It takes time to properly review an online casino but it can be worth it for both reader and reviewer. In this article we’re going to share a few pointers on how to complete a casino review.

Trial the games
One of the first steps to any casino review is to sample the games they offer. You can only judge the software and the feel of the game by playing for yourself. This means registering an account with a Malaysia online casino and playing the popular games; slots, blackjack and roulette. After seeing how the games play you will be better placed to give a helpful review.

Find out players’ experiences
An important aspect of a casino review is to find out other people’s experiences. We suggest chatting at the live tables. Find out what their experience was like so you can share with others. It could be that the games are great but the customer service experience was slow. These experiences are important as they shed light on how an online casino operates and whether they care enough about customers.

Try on various devices
Its unfair to complete a review without trialling on multiple devices. In the modern era, people play on more than just computer. Therefore, we suggest you give desktop, laptop and mobile a try when you are sampling an online casino. Perhaps the mobile version is glitchy or slow? Or, the casino doesn’t work on a Mac? These are important factors for a reader as they will have a preference on what device to play.

Be honest
Lastly, the most important part of any casino review is transparency. The reader needs to know the writer is not producing a false review. You need to trust the writer and believe the review. Integrity is vital when writing casino reviews as they won’t read other reviews if they find you’ve lied on an old one. Therefore, we urge writers to be as truthful as possible when conducting a casino review.

Image Source: Pexels