Are you and your friends really into playing games? There are tons of great games that can be played, but because there’s such a big range, it often can be hard to decide what game you want to play. By having one person organize the game night, this decision won’t be a hiccup any longer. If this job is up to you, we want to help you a little. In this blog, we’ll list three themes to your game night, which will help you add more spice to the games. Get inspired!

  1. Old school

Nowadays, games can be played in many different ways. However, if you and your friends are true game fanatics, old school games will make your heart beat the fastest. For an old school game night, you don’t need much more than regular board games. Whether that’s Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble or Jenga, an old school game will have everyone try their best to win. Things might get a little too fanatic if you’re starting with Monopoly, so try to plan the night well. Also, if you’re truly going old school, make sure you don’t include any games that still need explaining. As this is supposed to be a throwback, including a new game would kind of go against the whole principle.

  1. Digital

If these old school games are nothing for you, doing the exact opposite is possible as well. Nowadays, online gaming communities are bigger than ever and good games pop up left and right every day. There are tons of possibilities for a digital game night, as you don’t even have to receive the guests at your home, but you can all play from home. However, inviting everyone over and playing on one or several consoles is probably more fun. As opposed to the Old School game night, for a digital game night you can use new games too. Digital games are often easier to learn, and if they’re new for everyone, it might even be more fun. Who knows what new gems you’ll find?

  1. Casino

Are you and your friends not opposed to the idea of gambling? Then, creating a casino game night from home might be the perfect opportunity for you and your friends. There are tons of great casino games that you can easily organize yourself: for games like Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack, you only need decks of cards. If you want to, you can go fully all-in for a casino theme: create your own كازينو bonus codes, that your friends are able to use during the night. Of course, to add some extra tension to your casino night, you can start by all putting some money on the line. But, if you want to keep things friendly instead, you of course don’t have to do this.

Have fun!

Hopefully we’ve inspired you for your next game night. One thing that’s important to remember is that you don’t have to do this all by yourself: a game night with friends means that all your friends are ready to help if needed. Have fun and good luck!